Yamanikto v2.0

yamanikto_03This EA uses a pivot approach as well as requiring the price to be above/ below a moving average to buy /sell.

Other inputs such as number of open trades, frequency of trades (in minutes), stop loss and take profits allow the trader to control the risk he is willing to take.

The EA was optimized with a calculation of pivot based on shiftback of ten days (input shiftback).

If on a certain day, there is a risk of a reversal (for example EUR/USD trended for more than 10 days or nearly 500 pips and reached a significant high or low), the reversal would usually happen following a consolidation period, it is advised prior to the consolidation period, to either halt the EA for type B trades until the market direction is clearer by reducing the maxopentrades_B to 0, or increase max_frequency_min_ B, or change the shiftback period to less days once the change in trend is confirmed.

Otherwise, there is a risk that during the consolidation period or beginning of the reversal, preceding the key reversal, the EA will open mainly type B trades (below or above first support and first resistance) sometimes in sequence and that would be closed by stop loss up to ten days later if the change in trend is confirmed on hourly chart.